Passenger and car ferry to Turkey

Enjoy a peaceful passenger and car ferry to Turkey

Turkey boasts of an exceptional cultural heritage and beautiful coastlines. That is because its location between Europe and Asia makes Turkey a multicultural place to live in. But, to travel long distances in and around the country, one has to either opt for an airplane or a bus. The obstacle is, both of them are costly and take a lot of time. That is why we, at TurkishFerry, provide passenger and car ferry to Turkey. This service is perfect for people who want to remain connected to the mainland of Turkey and yet do not stay at a distance that requires travel by plane. The best part of the service we provide is along with passengers, our ferries and catamarans also fit the need for vehicles to be transported.

A scenic beauty | Passenger and car ferry to Turkey

A passenger and car ferry to Turkey takes you on a picturesque journey to this transcontinental country. The course taken by all ferries and catamarans at TurkishFerry involves being around the majestic islands and seas that surround Turkey. Taking the ferry not only saves a lot of time, but it is affordable as well. You can sit on the deck and relish your time on the sea, as your ferry takes you to your destination. At TurkishFerry, we provide automated booking services online for individuals, groups, and even vehicles.