Take a ride on the Seferihisar to Samos ferry for an
unforgettable experience

It is impossible to not visit the Dodecanese islands on a trip to Greece, and one of the most well-known Greek islands that fall on every traveler’s list is Samos. As the largest of all the Dodecanese islands situated in the eastern Aegean Sea, it can be reached from Seferihisar, a Province in the Aegean region of Turkey. At Turkish Ferry, we offer fast Seferihisar to Samos catamarans and ferries that can cover the whole route in a little more than an hour. The ride is enjoyable, where you will be able to feel the cool wind blowing in your face, and enjoy the picturesque view of all the islands from a distance. While you are at Samos, do not forget to spend quality time at the beautiful coastlines, and enjoy the wonderful nightlife of the island. Our Seferihisar to Samos ferry will take you on a journey worth remembering.

Take our Seferihisar Samos ferry for a calming ride

Our Seferihisar Samos ferry takes you to one of the sunniest addresses in Europe, Samos. The Greek island is famous for its fine wine, and it is also the birthplace of Pythagoras, the mathematician who invented the Pythagoras’s theorem. An intriguing fact to note about Samos is that it is also, according to legends, the birthplace of the Goddess of Women and Marriage. Samos would be the most suitable place to visit if you are someone who enjoys praising ancient architecture. The Eupalinos Tunnel is an excellent example of it, given the fact that it was established back in 524 BC to allow fresh water to run into the city of Pythagorion. While you arrive at the destination and get down from our Seferihisar Samos ferry, do not miss catching a visit to the Heraion, a World Heritage Site. At Turkish Ferry, we render regular ferries that take the fastest route between both these places.