A Bodrum to Rhodes Catamaran can take you on an eventful journey

At Turkish Ferry, we connect the two most popular tourist destinations in the Turkey and Greece route - Bodrum and Rhodes, with fast ferries and catamarans. Our Bodrum to Rhodes catamaran is the best way to reach either of the two places in a very brief period. Bodrum falls on the southernmost coast of the peninsula, which used to house one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Mausoleum of Mausolus. The city also has the one of a kind Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Our Bodrum Rhodes ferry is known to stop at a port close to the tourist attractions of the place. 

Our Bodrum Rhodes ferry takes you over a breathtaking route

As the largest Dodecanese island of Greece, Rhodes, over the years, has become a famous tourist attraction. At Turkish Ferry, our Bodrum Rhodes ferry takes you on a historical tour of the diverse cultures and civilizations that the Greek island is made up of. At Rhodes, you would find medieval walls, buildings that are shaped like fortresses, narrow alleys, and busy squares with a historical touch to all of it. You will be able to feel the light breeze blowing on your face as you relish your time on the ferry. Our Bodrum to Rhodes catamaran also has an online booking facility which allows you to possess tickets for the journey beforehand.