Take our Cesme to Chios ferry for a trip to treasure

When traveling is on the mind, nothing can come in between, but when the journey is prolonged, it grows tiring. This mainly happens when you are going to visit a place you always wanted to. Two of the most popular tourist destinations for a vacation are Chios and Cesme, but the distance between the two places makes it a hectic ride. At Turkish ferry, we overcome this problem by rendering a daily Cesme to Chios ferry. As the fifth largest Greek island in the Aegean Sea, Chios is divided from Turkey by the Chios Strait. The town was formed around the old harbor, and the Ottoman and Venetian rule saw the development of the medieval castle located at the center. If you take our Cesme ferry to Greece, you will be able to visit Chios and all other nearby islands comfortably.

The exceptional ride of our Cesme ferry to Greece

Cesme, as the coastal town of Turkey, is well-known for the springs, clean beaches, and clear waters. You will be able to find excellent restaurants that sell delectable dishes, and the climate is delightful throughout. Our Cesme ferry to Greece leaves from a port that is close to the best sight-seeing spots. The Genoese fortress is one such place which was built back in the 14th century and restored in the 16th century. Suleyman the Magnificent constructed the Caravanserai in the 16th century and it is positioned right adjacent to the fortress. The Caravanserai was transformed into a hotel from the 19th century when the Hagios Haralambous Church was renovated as the Amir Caka Art Gallery. Both these places have enormous historical value and places to explore. Book your Cesme to Chios ferry online now if you don’t want to get stuck in the perpetual queue at the port.