The most beautiful Marmaris Rhodes ferry ride is here

One of the most scenic routes in the entire journey from Turkey to Greece has to be the Marmaris Rhodes ferry ride. Marmaris is situated on the Mediterranean Sea coast that falls on the west of Turkey. It is a town in Turkey that is famous for the largest marinas and a harbor that boasts of a lovely waterfront and coastline. The top few attractions of Marmaris includes the Marmaris Castle and the Old Town. At Turkish Ferry, we believe in giving every traveler a journey on a Marmaris to Rhodes catamaran to remember for a lifetime. Our headquarter is also situated at Marmaris, giving us easy access to the port.

Take a Marmaris to Rhodes Catamaran and enjoy the majestic island

When you are on our Marmaris to Rhodes catamaran, you will be taken on a beautiful journey to the largest of the Dodecanese islands situated on the east of the Aegean Sea. “The best part of the journey is the destination,” they say and we, at Turkish Ferry, follow it word by word. The town of Rhodes, also the island’s capital, has a beautiful medieval architecture with buildings that look like fortresses and several villages and beach resorts lined up. If you want to enjoy the journey on a Marmaris Rhodes ferry ride, you can book a seat for yourself online.