A Kalymnos Bodrum ferry ride worth the memories

A ferry ride over the gorgeous turquoise waters is something worth cherishing every moment of life, and that is exactly what we, at Turkish Ferry, pledge to deliver. Our Kalymnos Bodrum ferry  provides an exceptional ride from the north Dodecanese island to one of the most charming cities of Turkey. Kalymnos has wild and rocky mountains, making it a top spot for adventure enthusiasts where they can live their rock climbing dreams. The place is known for its International Climbing Festival, that takes place every year during September. Known to be the sponge diver island, Kalymnos is one of the most exciting retreats among all the Dodecanese group of islands. While you are on our Kalymnos Bodrum ferry,  you will be able to enjoy the stunning panorama of bays and green valleys that the place is most famous for. 

A Kalymnos Bodrum ferry that takes you on an adventurous ride

At Turkish Ferry, we take you through a mixed journey of adventure and history - all with our Kalymnos Bodrum ferry. The city of Bodrum is in Mugla, the Turkish province that falls on the southernmost coast of the Bodrum peninsula. It has become a tourist attraction over the years because of housing the Mausoleum of Mausolus, widely famous as being one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. When you are at Bodrum, you cannot miss the 15th century made Bodrum Castle that was built by the Knights Hospitaller as well. The best part of the castle is that it overlooks the harbour which is also the stop for our Kalymnos Bodrum ferry. The Museum of Underwater Archaeology and the cultural festivals that take place right on the castle grounds are a few other attractions. Book your tickets online to avoid any last-minute rush!