Take a ride on the Rhodes to Marmaris ferry for an
unforgettable experience

It is impossible to not visit the Dodecanese islands on a trip to Greece, and one of the most well-known Greek islands that fall on every traveler’s list is Marmaris. As the largest of all the Dodecanese islands situated in the eastern Aegean Sea, it can be reached from Fethiye, a Province in the Aegean region of Turkey. At Turkish Ferry, we offer fast Marmaris to Rhodes catamarans and ferries that can cover the whole route in a little more than an hour. The ride is enjoyable, where you will be able to feel the cool wind blowing in your face, and enjoy the picturesque view of all the islands from a distance. While you are at Marmaris, do not forget to spend quality time at the beautiful coastlines, and enjoy the wonderful nightlife of the island. Our Marmaris to Rhodes ferry will take you on a journey worth remembering.

Make your Rhodes to Marmaris catamaran ride worth it

To reach Marmaris, you will have to take a catamaran or fast ferry ride from the Rhodes province of Turkey. Fondly known as the “untouched virgin of the Land of Lights,” Rhodes centres around Turkey’s sunshine coast and prides itself in having the most spellbinding beaches of the Aegean region. Our Rhodes to Marmaris ferry is scheduled regularly so that the tourists do not have any trouble when they are travelling. Especially known to have Turkey’s best tourist centres, visiting Rhodes is most suitable for the summer season. Tour the Tomb of Amyntas, and marvel at its exquisite carvings. Check out our schedules and destinations.