Hop on to the Ayvalik Lesvos ferry for an exceptional trip

As a seaside town located at the north-west of the Aegean coast of Turkey, Ayvalik is encircled by the archipelago of islands - facing Lesvos, a Greek island. At Turkish Ferry, we connect these two places with our Ayvalik Lesvos ferry. Back in the day, Ayvalik was known to be an ancient Aeolian port-town by the name of Kydonies. The place is circled by low hills that are carpeted with olive and pine trees. There is also a narrow peninsula by the name of Hakkibey that falls on the south of Ayvalik. The best part of our Ayvalik Lesvos ferry is that it leaves you at a place from where ancient cities like Assos and Troy are easily accessible.

A Greece trip would be half-done without the Ayvalik Lesvos ferry

Lesvos is a Greek island at the Northeastern Aegean Sea and is also the third-largest island in Greece, isolated from Turkey by the Mytilini Strait. Our Ayvalik Lesvos ferry takes you to the forested and yet mountainous island, which boasts of two high peaks in Mt. Olympus and Mt. Lepetymnos. The two gulfs and hot springs at the island are also its volcanic origins. Also known as the Emerald Island, our Ayvalik Lesvos ferry route is one from where the amazing flora of the place is clearly visible. Talking about an interesting point about the island, it has over eleven million olive trees in its entirety that covers it till 40 percent. At Turkish Ferry, we present you with the option of booking an online ticket beforehand so that you are sure that you don’t miss out on anything.