Boarding Procedure

Boarding Procedure


About Children Discounts

Children discounts apply to children born in 2007 - 2012. Children ages may vary on different routes and/or destinations. On the next page the children discount will automatically apply after you enter the year of birth.

About Baby Discounts

Infants born in 2013 - 2019 travel for free, subject to port tax of 2 or 5 EUROpayment. Infants' ages may vary on different routes and/or destinations. On the next page the port taxes will automatically apply after you enter the year of birth.

Return Tickets

* You must specify the return date for your return ticket.
* If your return date is subject to change please contact us as soon as you book online by email to If you do not advise that your return date is subject to change, your return date cannot be changed.

Ferry Type

Fast Ferry : The Fast Ferry can take passengers only on board.
Hydrofoil : The Hydrofoils can take passengers only on board.
Car Ferry : The ferries can take both passengers and vehicles (cars, jeeps, minibuses, caravans) on board.

It is now mandatory, for reasons of safety, to state the following information when making your reservation:
Surname, Name (Initial), gender, age category (child / adult / infant), type of vehicle and plate number.
Passengers who are not residents or nationals of an E.U. member state are also required to provide additional information such as:

Nationality, Passport number and date of birth.
Passengers requiring special care must notify their travel agent or the company's main reservation offices. Passengers are responsible for complying with all Port, Health and customs regulations. Passengers must comply with the ship's Captain and Crew’s instructions regarding public order and safety on board. Passengers must contact the Captain or the Crew should a complaint arises while on board. They may also contact or the port authorities after the end of the journey.


All passengers should have a valid passport, identity card or other travel documents. will not be responsible in cases of the authorities preventing a passenger from continuing his/her trip. reserves the right to deny boarding to any passenger who does not provide the valid travel documents necessary. In cases of a fine imposed on and/or its agents by the immigration office, the amount will be charged to the passenger who failed to provide the proper legal documents. In the event of immigration officials refusing entry, the passenger will be sent back at his own expense. We would recommend that citizens of all countries contact the appropriate consulate for details. Infants and children also require an official form of identification. All persons and all items brought on board the vessel are liable to be searched. Persons refusing to comply with this demand shall be denied access on board and will be reported to the appropriate port authorities. All passengers are required to present their boarding card and a valid passport or ID to the vessel's authorized personnel. The carrier reserves the right to deny boarding to any individual who does not possess a valid boarding card and valid travel documents or fails to prove beyond doubt, his/her identity. Once on board it is not permitted to disembark prior to sailing. If you do disembark then you will need to take all your luggage and personal belongings with you and inform a member of the crew. Please report at check-in any firearms you might be carrying.