Hop on to an unforgettable Marmaris Symi ferry ride

While on a trip from Turkey to Greece, you cannot help but visit the mesmerizing island of Symi and the best way of reaching it is by taking a fast ferry or catamaran. At Turkish Ferry, we provide a Marmaris Symi ferry that takes you over the mighty Aegean Sea straight to your destination. With our headquarters at the town of Marmaris, we have easy access to the port, and our fast ferries regularly ply between the two places. Our Marmaris Symi ferry follows a quick route where you are bound to lose track of time by enjoying the cold breeze in your face throughout the journey.

Take a Marmaris Symi ferry for a history seeking adventure

Our Marmaris Symi ferry will take you to a small part of the Dodecanese islands chain that has a very rich historical background. The island of Symi is the birthplace of Ancient Goddesses and is made up of cliffs of rocks and sandy caves which makes it one of the unmissable islands in Greece. Also known to be the Nymph Syme, the island is popular for its shrimps. As you visit the town of Symi, do not miss the monasteries and churches spread across. At Turkish Ferry, we offer a complete schedule of the date and time of travel for the Marmaris Symi ferry, which you access to book a ferry online as well.