A Kusadasi Samos ferry for the enthusiasts

At Turkish Ferry, we render travel enthusiasts with a ferry ride between two of the most sought after tourism destinations in the entire stretch. The first of them is Kusadasi, a resort town on the Aegean coast of Turkey. A fascinating fact about the town is that it is shaped like a bird’s head if you observe it from the sea. Our Kusadasi Samos ferry takes you on a route from where the head is evident. The town’s name, colloquially, is also known as Ada by its residents. As a remarkably popular cruise ship port, Kusadasi is famous for a lot of things. The harbor town has a lively atmosphere and the beaches are crowded during summer. Plan your itinerary circling our Kusadasi Samos ferry ride and make the most of your vacation. 

Take a day-trip with our Kusadasi Samos ferry

Our Kusadasi Samos ferry takes you on a trip from the resort town of Kusadasi to a Greek island in the east of the Aegean Sea. Known for its wine production and vineyards, Samos is also the birthplace of mathematician Pythagoras. A UNESCO World Heritage Site - the Hearion of Samos - is situated at the island where you will be able to marvel at the incredible ancient engineering techniques that have been used to build the place. Take our Kusadasi Samos ferry to reach this rich in history island and enjoy the local wine as well. At Turkish ferry, we provide regular fast ferry services on the route so that you can travel to the island without any restraint. We are open to bookings from both individuals and groups, all year long.