A Datca Symi ferry that promises you a relaxed journey

“The cure for everything is the sea.”

At Turkish Ferry, we believe in the quote and thus connect two beautiful places with our Datca Symi ferry. As a well-known district of the Mugla Province of Turkey, Datca is also the centre town. It is situated in the middle of the peninsula of the same name, and it remains as one of the major connective links to Greek islands. Encircled by the crystal clear waters, Datca is essentially a remote location in Turkey and thus mostly unspoilt by too much human evolution. You will find attractive green hills, white bays, and majestic coves in the area. Our Datca Symi ferry route would take you over the turquoise waters and reach Symi in a short time.

Make your Datça to Symi catamaran ride worth it

If Datca is surrounded by gorgeous waters and hills, Symi doesn’t fall much far behind. As a Greek island and municipality, this mountainous area has a significant place in history and mythology alike. With our Datca Symi ferry services, you will be able to plan your entire trip and prepare an itinerary of the same. Every year, July to September sees the island rejoice in their cultural Symi festival where music, theatre, and dance performers captivate the masses. Our Datca Symi ferry can be booked for individuals as well as a group of people through our website. The port where we drop the passengers is remarkably close to the centre of the Symi town, and that is why you have comfortable access to all amenities given by the town.